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The Worldy Cup

It was during FIFA 2014 we did this website. The time was short and our team really worked hard to make it happen. Client was okay with WordPress and we used custom post types for Groups, Teams, Schedule etc. News feed was a special plugin which we built.

SR Security Services

This website took very long time. Client was held up with some other priorities and we have to wait. But the outcome is clean. Design phase took longer than anticipated. There were many revisions before finalizing. Development went good and since it is a redesign, we planned a schedule for the live migration. We do [...]

Btb football tips

This client gives us repeating business. One of the best cool clients we have.Again we used custom post types, options tree to get what we need. Double events, previous bets are all custom dynamic widgets. We didn't make it responsive as it was not needed from client.

Blue Maestro

It is one of the projects which we remember for long time. It was tough with the quality standardsĀ as the client was very particular in almost every design element's look in the browser. But it was a great learning curve for the whole team. We started working with WordPress Child themes from this project.The experience [...]