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I am Gopi Kumaran, Partner of DoozySoft. I would like to explore new topics whenever possible. Creative thoughts always turn me on. I will try to share all new topics here. Don't worry, I will not bore you with all techie things :-)

Netnhost’s New Social Media App

Yes, we have done it. Our new social media app is out in Beta phase and not yet ready for direct customers. It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The app publishes post directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can go through reports which has details including Like, Reach, Traffic, Leads etc

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Amember + Noire Payment Plugin

Yes, we have developed a payment plugin which will integrate Noire Payment Gateway into Amember Website. You can use it just like other Payment plugins. The plugin features include: Activation/Deactivation from Admin Credit Card Sales Refunds Recurring transactions Test transactions Do write to us at sales@ if you need more details.

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Custom Email Blaster

Good news. Netnhost is working on custom email blaster app. Yes, we are making the product ready soon. You can see quite unique features in it unlike other popular email marketing softwares out there. It includes: Social media integration Website integration Templates Forms Statistics and many more. Too excited to publish our first product to [...]

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Netnhost Social Media App

Yes, our social media app is out in Beta phase. So thought of sharing few interesting notes about it. The app is not yet available for customers to register. It is used internally. The interface interacts with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through respective APIs. You can publish the post from app to all your social [...]

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WordPress security issues

Even though WordPress is great in being friendly admin user interface and easy to update there are few security issues which needs to be looked at. Implement these basic measures to harden your WordPress installation: 1. Avoid default admin user. 2. Don't use WP_ prefix. 3. Image Captcha for comments along with moderation. 4. Use [...]

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What is Avada theme

Avada is Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme from ThemeForest, a popular place for themes. Avada is much popular because of its flexibility in layouts, widgets, plugins etc. It is very user friendly and admin can do the changes in a single click. Avada 3.2 is live with following features: Shortcode generator Search Icon in menu Author profile [...]

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How to secure your website

Use open source scripts Unless you know what you are doing or have a well versed development team in your payroll, it is a great idea to use open source scripts. Open source scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. are feature rich, powerful and are backed by thousands of coders for update & support […]

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Word Press website Domain transfer

Recently we had a project where the client was requesting us to transfer his domain. Hmm I thought it is pretty simple, of course it is as long as you are okay with DB import export etc. […]

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You might have heard about CKFinder if you know WYSIWYG editors. Last week we were working for a Drupal website where client asked us to give photo uploading feature for admins while creating pages. And this lead to "CKFinder" discovery. First you need to install CKEditor and configure for necessary content types. By default CKEditor [...]

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